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Yes, just the one so far! Watch this space :)

This is a falling blocks game which is.. ever so slightly similar to that well known game owned by the Tetris Company. This product is freeware.

It's a fairly 'no frills' version of the aforementioned falling blocks game, with responsive controls and a clean interface to maximise gameplay.

Features include:

• Hardware accelerated OpenGL graphics

• Tuneable movement speeds for the hardcore player

• Connectivity to the Simian Games server for global high scores. (Requires an account with Simian Games, and an active internet connection.)

Download Now:

Platform Details Download
MacOS X (Universal Binary) 0.76MB Disc Image

Version 1.1 now released!

Changes include:

  • Undo last move (optional)
  • Assistant showing where piece will drop (optional)
  • Auto-pause when switching applications
  • Paused and Game Over text overlays
  • Can create Simian Games accounts in-game (no need to visit the website)
  • Can automatically check for new versions via internet connection
  • Cursor/arrow keys can also be used as controls

Global High Score Table

Game Time
1ststover986244814917m 31s28 March 2010
2ndstover966645105218m 35s14 February 2010
3rdstover939624754818m 25s6 September 2009
4thstover937245145220m 29s23 February 2010
5thstover927684965017m 12s19 January 2010
6thstover926504975019m 17s5 January 2010
7thstover919764955017m 41s1 November 2009
8thstover914385055119m 13s28 December 2009
9thstover906145305420m 13s21 March 2010
10thstover905065195219m 3s3 February 2010

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